Operating in a wide range of industries across Turkey for over 40 years, KLT YAPI has manufactured products for housing and industrial structures. KLT YAPI put projects into practice by utilizing its equities for lands of its own retention. The company’s signature structures create living spaces revolving around high quality, innovative design, cutting-edge technology and privilege.

Pioneered by the founder and Chairman ALI VEYSEL KOLAY, KLT YAPI communicates its business philosophy, which is based on experience, knowledge, integrity, justice and trust, to all its departments. This way, it unites its corporate power with a people-oriented principle and continues to operate diligently to achieve unconditional customer satisfaction. In addition to its construction activities as KLT YAPI, the company taps into real estate development, industrial activities, advertising & marketing activities, which it gathers under the umbrella of KOLAT GROUP.
about usMission

Our mission is to construct eco- and environment-friendly living spaces boasting safety, comfort, quality and aesthetics, as well as achieve an utmost satisfaction for our customers who will utilize these spaces.

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